HIVELAB's service explores
new value and opportunities.
We offer the best solution by discovering
new values and chances.


We offer the best solution
by discovering
new values and chances.

  • 01

    Digital Transformation Strategy

    Digital Strategy and Transformation

    Nowadays, there's no escape from the Digital Transformation.
    To expand and combine the fast-evolving digital technologies,
    and to apply that digital technology to business is not an easy job.

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  • 02

    User Experience Design

    Design and User Experience

    The Digital environment requires a much wider scope and role of design and designers.
    Platforms we use need a good combination of understanding users' needs and reflecting
    their expectations, Instead of simple decorative designs from yesterday's industrial era.

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  • 03

    Digital Marketing

    Innovative Digital Marketing

    The fast-evolving digital environment and development of digital marketing go hand in hand.
    HIVELAB never stops to redefine the constantly evolving range and role of Digital Marketing,
    and creates innovative solutions through united team-building and process.

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  • 04

    System development

    Innovative System Development

    With various experts in domestic/international service development and R&D,
    HIVELAB focuses on providing attractive User Experience to more users than
    ever by delivering a winning strategy and advanced technique to our clients.

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  • 05

    Enterprise CMS Solution

    Top experts in ENTERPRISE CMS

    ENTERPRISE CMS SOLUTION improves the efficiency of content creation,
    production, and management. CMS is a very significant part because,
    how you manage your service determines success and failure.

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  • 06

    ITO & Maintenance

    IT OUTSOURCING and Service Operations & Maintenance

    Improving the work environment through new technology is becoming more important
    and client requirements continue to diversify. HIVELAB with its IT expertise provides
    IT OUTSOURCING/Maintenance service to be a great help to clients' business.

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  • 07



    As a starting point of HIVELAB's GLOBAL BIZ PLAN, We selected Vietnam 
    where we can expect market expansion along with the economic development of
    Southeast Asia, and established a branch office in Hanoi, Vietnam, in August 2018.

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  • 08

    CO-Working Space


    HIVELAB's co-working space, recently opened in Hanoi, Vietnam.
    DREAM STATION provides not only up-to-date office space but also various services
    that help our domestic companies to make forays into the local market,

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