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Asked Director of HR Department
about HIVELAB.
What kind of company is HIVELAB?
The Director of the HR Department tells
everything about HIVELAB.
He will answer to your questions about
organizational culture, recruitment, and welfare, etc.
HIVELAB Employees' explicit
Quiz time on their jobs.
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Acrostic Poems on your job. 5 Letter Talk.
Get ready to listen to what planners,
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We are
with people
who work with joy
and dream big.


We create a pleasant
working environment.

  • People are discussing in groups in HI-BEE Program HI-BEE

    A meeting where new employees
    talk together.

  • A screen concept design of checking in using HI-FLEX app HI-FLEX

    Flexible working and time management system
    to reduce extended working hours and improve
    the quality of life of employees
    by using working hours more efficiently.

  • People are playing board games in Hivelab's lounge HI-FC

    Clubs that provide opportunities
    for self-improvement and fellowship while
    spending time with co-workers
    who have common interests.

  • People who attended the in-house seminar are looking at the screen HI-LEARNING

    Offer various learning opportunities that
    you can experience while working at HIVELAB.

  • A photo of the Labor-Management Council discussing HI-TOGETHER

    Labor-management council,
    a communication channel in which the company
    and employees participate together.

  • A photo of the entrance of Health-Care Room HEALTH CARE

    Professional massage manager relieves
    stress and comforts our body and mind.

  • A photo was taken in front of Universal Studio, during overseas training BEST HIVELAB AWARDS

    HIVELAB selects and awards
    excellent talents once a year.

  • A photo of 'Say Hello' campaign poster HI-SURPRISE

    A random event that escapes us from
    the drudgery of daily routines.

  • A photo of a director and a team member talking in HI-TALK HI-TALK

    Once a month, a special time for the directors
    and members to talk on certain topics.

  • A photo of Hivelab's year-end party HI-ZINE

    An in-house magazine that delivers company
    news and useful information to employees.

  • A photo of Hivelab's lounge with tables and amenities HIVE LOUNGE & PLAYGROUND

    Space for all of us to rest, eat, and have fun.

Welfare Benefits

We Value the balance
of Work and Life.

  • We care about
    individual life.

    • Welfare card/points : Enjoy what you want.
    • Holiday Gift-giving : Light but rich.
  • We value
    work-life balance.

    • Annual leave :A vital part of your company life, don't be too careful when you use it.
    • Oasis :Once a month, go to work two hours late or leave two hours early.
    • Long-term service leave, and vacation expenses :
      3/6/10 years of service, vacation and acation expenses are supported.
    • Recreation facilities (resorts) :
      Use designated recreational facilities and additional facilities at an affordable price.
    • Overtime/Late-night taxi support :Please come home safe and sound on late working days.
    • Flex-time :Come to work anytime between 9:00 to 10:30 and
      enjoy your morning/evening hours.
  • We support
    healthy lives.

    • Menstrual leave :
      Female employee's right to leave her employment. Take 5 days of paid leave a year.
    • Maternity leave + parental leave :You are one of our precious family members.
    • General Health Checkup :
      We support your healthy life. (Discount on your family and friends' health checkups)
  • We share

    • Loan support :We support the interest rate and help relieve the burden.
    • Congratulations on your Wedding/New baby :1 million won of financial support.
    • Financial support for your Parents' 60th birthday celebration :
      We are thankful for your parents.
  • We help
    you grow.

    • Workshop Support :Make memories with the people you work with.
    • Overseas training support for best employees :
      We support overseas training for excellent employees of the year.
    • Study support :We support expenses for autonomously participated studies.

Hiring Now

We want people
who are ahead of change
and who practice

  • HIVELAB is looking for the following talent.

    People who do their best in work and life. Warm professional.
    Best team player. Sincere Talent. Creative experts. Agile learner.

  • Please check before applying.

    How to proceed: Document screening – Practical interview – Executive interview
    – Personality test – Annual salary negotiation – Final pass

    How to apply: Apply to the website or recruitment portal site (Job Korea, Saram In)

    Interview: Individuals who pass the document will be contacted individually.

Enter your job application information
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  • For experienced employees, please fill out your resume and CV in detail.
  • Only pdf, ppt, word, zip files under 3MB can be attached.

Please read
our Company Brochure
and find out more. :-)


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