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IT OUTSOURCING and Service Operations & Maintenance

ITO & Maintenance

Improving the work environment through new technology is becoming more important
and client requirements continue to diversify. HIVELAB with its IT expertise provides
IT OUTSOURCING/Maintenance service to be a great help to clients' business.

Providing maintenance operation service
through an optimized process

Our process analyzes the project, derives a strategy to upgrade the output,
and operates organically from start to end with integrated management.
Based on years of experience in building and operating Web services,
we are flexible enough to accommodate the business processes of each company.

ITO & Maintenance

Clients' satisfaction is high because as a partner, we actively respond to changes
in market and technology and work together. Thus, the partnerships continue for years.

HIVELAB PM identifies the client's requirements, refines work, coordinates schedules, and manage the quality of the output.

HIVELAB PM reports weekly/monthly to the client and the client forwards the report review results to HIVELAB PM.

HIVELAB UI DESIGNER / TECHNICIAN frequently reports issues to HIVELAB PM and HELAB PM assigns work to HIVEAB UI DESIGNER / TECHNICIAN and gives feedback on output.

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